Who we Are

Centre Staff

Development Manager Mrs Sue Lear

Sue manages the daily running of the centre with bookings, signposting service users to best support and information sources and leads a range of projects on behalf of the society.

Sue actively participates in development groups throughout the area directly linked to the needs and interests of our society’s members including Local and County Partnership Boards and other organisations.

Centre Policies                         

Trustees have approved a number of policies, including the following:

Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Health and Safety, Safeguarding Adults at Risk, Safeguarding Children, Privacy,    Risk Assessment, Safe Use of Slings and Hoists, Emergency Fire Safety, Data Protection (including use of images permissions), First Aid, Complaints, Recruiting Volunteers, Recruitment, Smoke Free Policy and a Finance Policy which includes Reserves, Money Laundering and Whistle-blowing Statements.

We also have a Centre Guide for users of the Goosecroft Centre.  You can access the guide here: Goosecroft Centre Hire Guide 

For further information concerning our policies and centre guide, please contact the Centre Manager.

Dementia Friendly Centre:  

See here: Certificate or look below: